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Our art lessons explore different styles in order to build experience and a portfolio for the students. Check out all of the different mediums we expose our students to.



Oil paint requires patients and dedication, but provides the freedom of coming back to the piece several times throughout the course of a week as it takes very long to dry. Take your time and add in every little detail.



Graphite drawings are arguably the most popular and are often the gateway to major artists. Anything you can think of can be put on to a piece of paper with a standard pencil. Start learning techniques at Brook Fine Arts.



Soap sculpting is a fun activity to engage in that happens to be messy and clean at the same time. make small figures and bring ideas to life by sculpting the soap to your desire.



Clay is a fun and lighthearted activity for beginners, yet detailed and intricate for professionals. It is welcoming to all levels of experience.



Make your very own marble maze out of cardboard by simply using scraps that are laying around. Impress your friends with speed or complexity. Race other students to see who has the fastest track.

Paper Mache


Paper mache is super messy and super fun. take old news paper and turn it into a work of art. Make masks, blows, ornaments, and more.



Charcoal is a great style of drawing that lets you cover a lot more ground in a shorter time frame. Get darker blacks and more impressive contrasts than a pencil will ever be able to offer.



Pointillism is a style of drawing that can us just about any type of utensil, from paint brush, to marker, to pencil. It requires an insane amount of patients as the entire picture is created only using dots. No lines, no smearing, nothing but dots.

Water color


Water color is a classic when it comes to art classes. The unique look that it provides can not be achieved by any other style. Be careful though, you don't want to add too much water.



Tired of black and white drawing. Try colored pencil. Looking a little a little dull. Try prismacolor. Drawing with prismacolor brings your colored drawings to the next level. 



We've all been there. Drawing with ink can be frustrating. You just finished shading and your hand lifts from the paper only to find that you have smeared ink across half of your picture. Learn the proper techniques at Brook Fine Arts.



Acrylic is a fast-drying easy to work with paint that is great for beginners and pros alike. Invent your own art style with acrylic and see where it takes you.

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